The “Who do you think you are?” Mirror

Sorry it has been so long since I posted about the “Who do you think you are?” mirror. I have added some sticky notes!!

  • Determined
  • Fierce
  • Amusing
  • Bold

I’ve decided to do it every week instead of every day. I have fallen off a little bit. I’ve had some things going on in life, but I’m back at in FULL EFFECT!!

I never stopped saying the things daily. It has help make me okay with being who I am and okay with all the things that make me uniquely awesome.



The next word on my mirror of “Who do you think you are?” is:


Starting a life were you have no regret is starting to look at your decisions in life as intelligent. Even the decisions that you believe set you back. At some point you thought that your choice was the right choice. Let me say this too…. just because a choice you made set you back to your standard, doesn’t mean that it was a bad choice. Every decision has a reason!!! Reasons being something beautiful in its own right!

JSC 👑💛

Who Do You Think You Are? Mirror

I’ve heard other do a mirror of inspiration. I decided in 2016 I wanted to do one as well.

Who do you think you are? A question  I struggle with. Constantly not thinking I’m good enough for all the blessings I have in my life! This year that is gonna change!!

Everyday I will add one sticky note to my mirror answering that question.
First word is DESERVING!!

JSC 👑💛

All I want for 2016 is….FREEDOM!!! 

It took me a while to write this post, simply because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to say. Now that I have it together, but better time to post then right before New Years! Freedom is defined as “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” (Google) It’s ones independence, self-govern. That is exactly what I need for 2016.

We get so boggled down with the what has to be done instead of looking into what is going on at the moment. I reflect back on 2015 and realize that I don’t remember most of it simply because I had given it to my job, not even looking at what I wanted out of life. I didn’t get a chance to really think about it, one day I walked into work and knew this was not what I wanted for 2016. I refuse to be in the same spot next year, I knew staying at that job I would have been. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for all the things that I had learned there but I was too comfortable! Comfortable was a problem. I was not in love with my job anymore, was not motivated to reach goals. I so consumed with completing different task at work, life was passing me by. I am glad to say in 2016, I will be starting a new job that I am excited about, motived to achieve my long time goals. I am super stoked to learn everything that this company is gonna teach me.

I want financial freedom. Taking every step possible to become financially free. Learning how to handle and maintain my money has always been a struggle for me. Budgeting and saving has never been a strong point. More like spending and shopping. I started saving towards the end of 2015 and I plan on continuing it.

I want freedom from my health concerns. As stated previously in other post, my weight. I have struggled with my weight and my relationship with food for about 10 years. Toward the end of 2015 I have playing a closer attention to it and the effect it has on my mental health. It has a huge impact on my mental health. That has to change in 2016. I want to gain control over my desires and maintain a lifestyle change.

Blog…blog…blog… Wonderful things are to come for this blog. Career wise, as previously stated in this post I have started a new job. I have multiple opportunities coming to effect in 2016!!! Can’t wait to share with you guys!!
JSC 💛👑

Thursday inspiration 

Sometimes we need those little reminders that your not at the final stop in your journey. You are the only person who can take you out of the game. 

Sometimes we get down and out about what is going on around us that we forget to look at the simple things. Such as:

  • You started a brand new day!
  • Yesterday is now in the past.
  • Your breathing.
  • The sun is shining and the world is spinning.
  • You have something to eat.
  • Someone cares about you. 

And the list goes on. 

No matter what anyone says it is so cliche but you are the only you. Dance in your moment, let your inner person shine. No one can match your shine…..NO ONE! 
Have a great Thursday!! 

JSC 👑💛