Contemplating Weight Loss Surgery 

As a plus size queen I never thought that I would even give this a second thought. Going under the knife to lose weight. I dint see anything wrong with it for the people that has had it done before or in the process of getting it done. For me personally I always felt that I could work it off. 

I have recently been diagnose with PCOS. Which was a difficult pill to swollen for me. Not only is it difficult for me to lose weight but also makes it hard to conceive children. I have always deep down wanted children. But it also put my in a tough spot in my weight loss journey. 

It is impossible to lose weight with PCOS, in my case. It just takes a lot more work and effort. All the past things I have done has failed. I really just wanna live a healthy life. But is surgery health? That is the question I’m still researching on. The surgery help fix some issues and create others. I am concerned about my mental health after everything. I do not want to be too small, I still want to be curvy and “plus size”. I would love to be a healthy 14/16. 

I think I will give it another couple of months. I’m going to go see a Dietitian and see what they can do for me. I will also look into the surgery.

I’ll post on what I decided! 




Diets….will be the death of me…

I have recently started a new diet. Another diet of the month. I have struggled with my weight since elementary school. I’ve never lost a significant amount of weight, nothing more then 30/40 pounds. Like many of us I have always been on and off of an diet. This time around I decided to make a lifestyle change. Stop beating myself up for a simple mistake and down fall of eating the wrong thing. I have decided to make consent efforts to watch what I am eating. I have even started searching for new recipes. This time there is more hope. 

Wish me luck guys!